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UPDATED 10-June-2018

--- NEVE ---

Neve console stand. Believed to fit BCM 10. $4900.
Width - 39 and 1/4 inches
Depth - 19 and 9/16 inches
Height - 20 and 3/4 inches
Height (INCLUDING FEET) - 22 inches

Measurements of screw holes (to center) from left to right:
1st Hole - 2 and 7/8 inches
2nd Hole - 15 and 5/16 inches
3rd Hole - 19 and 3/4 inches
4th Hole - 32 and 1/16 inches
5th Hole - 36 and 3/8 inches

Weight of stand 48.5 lbs.

click for bigger picture.
Neve BCM 10 project. (SOLD) This sale includes many hard to find parts for a Neve BCM10 project. 10 Neve 1895 modules Module rear connectors and metal mounting framework for 12 modules. Parts to make a pair of 1272 line amp modules, including: Two 80 series osc. modules with LO1166/A transformers. Module rear connectors and rails to mate to line amps. Pair 1272 faceplates. Pair Marinair 10468 transformers. Pair B183 cards Pair Simpson meters, early BCM 10 style. 10 Channel faders and one extra. 2 Group faders. Plessy connectors for all the faders. A section of Neve bussbar for summing. A photocopy of the Neve BCM10 technical manual including overall drawings. The 1895 modules are complete and not abused. The cards are complete and untested.
Neve Melbourn console for sale. (SOLD) 12 channel. 12 3114 EQ's.
click for bigger picture.
Neve Kelso 10 channel console. $(SOLD)
Neve 3600 24 volt Power supply for Neve 8068, Melbourn. $SOLD
Neve 1466 multifrequency oscillator. $SOLD
Neve 2065 equalizers class A. high and low pass filters. *HP 360, 180, 70, 45 Hz. LP 3, 4, 6, 8 kHz. $SOLD click for picture.
Neve Melbourn console frame bucket of 12. $SOLD.
Neve V series patch, Moses and Mitchel. Wired with Belden 1220a cable, normalled. Elco connectors. 2 short cables, others are approx. 15 feet. $SOLD click for picture.
Neve 2257 limiter/ducker/BNS. $SOLD pair. Discrete. * Recovery, attenuation depth, threshold controls. click for picture.
--- NEUMANN --- Neumann M-49. An excellent example of the top of the line Neumann tube recording mic. $(SOLD) With cable, N-52 power supply. Neumann U-48. Great sounding, classic tube mic. Has Nuvistor conversion. $(SOLD) With cable and power supply. -- OTHER ---
McIntosh MI-200 AB amp pair. Amps and power supplies have sequential serial numbers. Work but unrestored. M-185 output. Faceplates included. $SOLD.
Westrex 524 tube dynamic unit. unknown Compressor, limiter? No other info on this unit. A unique piece! $SOLD click for picture.
Pultec EQP-1R tube program equlaizer. $SOLD.
Pultec EQP-1 tube program equalizer $SOLD
UREI Digital metronome model 940. $SOLD
UTC LS-667 linear series audio transformer 7Hz-50kHz.. Match the impedance of your Fender blackface super reverb to many cabinets with this ultra high quality vintage transformer. Using the transformer connected in a custom configuration, simply wired in reverse, connected to the 4 Ohm tap of the transformer to your amp output, you will have the transformer taps at 8 and 2 ohms to connect to the cabinet of your choice. This unit is absolutely massive. The LS series of transformers were one of the pinnacles of audio transformer quality, and in this case, quantity also! Performance is 7hz-50 kHz at 50 watt. Primary of 8,2 Ohm, secondary of 16, 8, 4 Ohm. $SOLD each click for picture 1. click for picture 2.
Talking heads gold, platinum records. David Byrne. 4 pieces, True Stories, Little Creatures, Stop Making Sense, Speaking in tongues. Awarded to Sigma Sound New York. $SOLD set. click for picture1. click for picture2. click for picture3. click for picture4.
Led Zepplin lll, Norway sales record. Text on top and bottom is Norwegian. The part of the award that is the record is a metallic stamper and is mounted on a piece of, Norwegian wood? $SOLD click for picture1. click for picture2. RECENTLY SOLD NEVE GEAR, CONSOLES. Power supply for Neve BCM-10, 8014. Coutant. $(SOLD) Kingshill Neve power supply, V51 series, 5116. $(SOLD) Channel strip for 54 series desktop console 34128 $SOLD Not the original knobs but unit is in working condition. Neve Flying Faders for Neve VR console. Set of 12 (SOLD). Neve Melbourn console. 20 channels, all discrete, recapped. 33115 eq's. built in patch. $(SOLD) Neve Kelso console. 10 channel, post fader transformer balanced direct out on each channel. Discrete circuitry, same mic pre card as Neve 1081 equalizer. $(SOLD) Neve 31079 equalizers. (sold). *racked with fader, phantom, power. *Legendary broadcast, BBC eq with same points as 1066. Neve 12 Channel 5315 fitted 12 model 3119 equalizers. *Discrete EQ's, 33726a buss module. 6 buss 4 send. *Includes power supply and manual (SOLD). Neve 5316 type custom console. Melbourn type. (SOLD) *30 channel, 8 buss, 8 send, 16 channel tape return. *Remote patch. Eq's are 33115, 3115, and 3119. *A versatile, great sounding console . Neve 53 series console. (SOLD) * 32 channels 33114 6 buss 4 send. * 4 3314 compressors in console. * Remote 1/4 inch patch on Canare snake. * 36 channel frame with compressors in last 4 slots. Neve 53 series 24 input console. (SOLD) * 12 33114 eq's and 12 33115 eq's. * Six bus, four send. * Remote patch. * Factory direct outputs on first 16 channels with meters on each. 80 series. (SOLD) * Classic recording console. * 8 buss 8 send. * 24 1081 equalizer modules. * 16 channel monitor. * Right hand onboard patch. Neve 3314 compressors [SOLD] * Same circuit as 2264. Neve Kelso. 10 chanel console made with same microphone transformer and amp card as 1081 eq. Each channel has had a post fader transformer balanced direct out installed. Each chanel has a mic pre, and a basic high and low EQ. A great value in a discrete Neve console with the classic sound. $(SOLD) Neve 32264a Compressors. Discrete $(SOLD). Telefunken U-47 long body chrome top in excellent condition. Mic is original, VF 14 tube and M7. Has the amazing, early U-47 sound quality! ($SOLD) Ampex MX-10 tube mixer/mic pre's [Sold]


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